Say Yes to Megalomania

Bruce Wayne has way too much angst. If I were the dictator, I would insist that all Batman movies include Robin in the cast.  Bruce Wayne is obviously gay. This has been known since 1953, when Frederic Werthem, the famous psychologist, published “Seduction of the Innocents”. He wrote, “the character of Batman is that of a suppressed homosexual.” The modern Batman revisionist and graphic novel pioneer, Frank Miller, discussing his own work , “The Dark Knight Returns”, said Batman, ” would be much healthier, if he admitted he was gay”.

No politician would be able to use this cop-out, “If only I were the dictator, everything would be easy.” Politicians don’t your realize that when they fail, they can always blame the judges, the legislators, the press, even the public. A dictator has to take sole responsibility for everything that happens under his watch. He has no excuses: he can disband the legislature, censor the press, and shoot people who obstruct his will. Even Donald Trump would go crazy with that much responsibility.


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1 Response to Say Yes to Megalomania

  1. PATRICIA sanchez says:

    Brilliant!!!!! Of course, Batman was gay!

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