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Say Yes to Megalomania

Bruce Wayne has way too much angst. If I were the dictator, I would insist that all Batman movies include Robin in the cast.  Bruce Wayne is obviously gay. This has been known since 1953, when Frederic Werthem, the famous psychologist, published “Seduction of the … Continue reading

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Things Ain’t What They Used to Be

Albert Camus and Humphrey Bogart both smoked and looked good in a trench coat. Albert Camus, according to his daughter, enjoyed the frequent comparisons made between himself and Humphrey Bogart. I think American hard-boiled movies and fiction were as much … Continue reading

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What’s the Matter With Neo-Liberalisn

Jonathan Haidt is political psychologist. He describes himself as a former liberal who has become a centrist.  Probably, in a couple of years, he’ll call himself a conservative. He is a student of something called political psychology. Haidt believes liberals are morally … Continue reading

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If I were a dictator Part II

Power corrupts said Lord Actor. I have created the  lazyroad corollary to this political axiom . Imagined power turns friendly bloggers into meglomaniacs. I am proposing three new edicts: 1. Restaurant background music over 80 decibel is strictly prohibited. Owners who violate this rule will be subject to … Continue reading

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tragedy and Aurora

President Obama said this about the Aurora shooting,  “If there’s anything to take from this tragedy it’s the reminder that life is very fragile.” This is true. But it’s also true that the murders in Aurora could have been prevented … Continue reading

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athiests and agnostics-the post modern view

On July 11, 2012  Alternet Website published an article, “When Atheists Confront Mortality”. The article was a summary of some recent social science research on the difference between atheists and agnostics. Agnosticism almost by definition is ambivalent. The agnostic says, for example, “there’s not … Continue reading

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The Dictator

Lord Acton once wrote, “power  corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This rule does not apply to me. I think I would make an excellent absolute monarch, better than Louis XVI, at least as good as the Sun King Louis … Continue reading

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